Starc Energy provides assistance from starting stage of site survey and feasibility right till the projection completion.

  • Customisation

We believe each site is unique and so is each project and even client has specific needs and hence we provide a holistic approach to each project.

  • Solar Power Plant Design

With very strong project experience, we focus on project optimization with effective cost utilization and strengthen the design of the project.

  • Final Solution

Our team has strong background in business management and financial planning which helps us to design effective business models to our clients.

  • Technical Sales Closure

The hardest part in a project is maturing a lead and successfully closing a deal with the client. We provide a unique solution for technical sales closer.

Apart from this we provide project consulting that only profits our customers with our expertise in:

  1. Project Analysis
  2. Quality Control
  3. Cost control
  4. Project documentation
  5. Installation
  6. Testing and commissioning.
  • Bidding and Tender Service

We have worked with several Government and Semi-Government bodies across the country. We assist in participating in Central and State level tenders.

Solution we offer in this service are project modelling, budgeting and BOQ, Bid documentation, financial modelling, Technical modelling, Bid evolution.